How to get more value out of veterinary visits 

There’s more to vet visits than vaccinations and remedies. Every appointment is an opportunity to learn something new!  

While you might be attending a routine appointment for a vaccination, health checkup, or ailment, you can get so much more out of your appointment than you might think. Take some of the following actions to make your vet visits more valuable for you and your pets:  

Write down questions 

Any time you start questioning something about your pet, such as whether they’re drinking enough water or how often you should brush their teeth, write it down! While you should address anything serious with your vet in a dedicated appointment, you can write a list of standard questions for your vet to answer at your pet’s next general check-up. Having a list may ensure you don’t forget anything!  

Ask for clarification 

Your vet may sometimes discuss something with you that you don’t quite understand. Never be afraid to ask for clarification. Being well-informed enables you to make confident decisions for your pets’ health and well-being.  

Ask about all available treatment options  

Vets can treat many ailments and illnesses in different ways. When you’re presented with a treatment option, you can ask to be informed about all available options and the risks and benefits of each. You can then make a decision that best suits your pet’s individual needs.  

Discuss your pet’s lifestyle 

Just as our doctors need all the facts about our lifestyles before providing advice, vets need the same. Share information about your pets’ standard routine, such as what they eat, how much exercise they get, and their general living environments. This information can be helpful for vets to share treatment options and advice. Plus, it’s a great excuse to talk about our best friends!  

Veterinary appointments are excellent learning opportunities for vet teams and pet owners alike. You may enjoy a far more informative vet appointment by taking some of these approaches above.